River Wave Foods : The Story

How it all started.

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River Wave Foods multicultural, gourmet cooking sauces and tapenade use fresh ingredients. Our cooking sauces were created in the belief that great food is as simple as bringing together the right balance of flavors using quality, fresh ingredients.

Our products reflect the migration of not only global flavors but our own taste experiences. Until recently, ethnic dining was limited to large metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles. Who would have thought there would be a time when the American dining experience would mirror the multi ethnic reality of our communities and that Middle Eastern cuisine, Japanese or Thai food would become as readily available as the all American burger?

Ours is an epicurean journey one which we hope offers a dining experience of exploration, creativity, collaboration and joy. We invite you to join us as we explore the art of eating, an adventure to be shared and savored.

Bon Appetit!.

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Our Kitchen Chef

Rebecca Kawanami

I love food. The simpler and easier the better. I love the seasonal, sensual nature of food as well as the magic that can happen over a shared meal. I love the stories of travel, celebration and loss that food plays a supporting role in. River Wave Foods is my contribution to the world of food.